Music for movie


here is my brand new emotional song with epic orchestral ending. :slight_smile:
Everything done in Cubase 7.04.


Clear yet full sounding! The song recalls early Marillion to me. Emotional vocals building up and nicely blended in the mix. I think it very much needs to be part of a larger piece of music though, it builds up but then is ending way to soon, at least to my ears, that is. :wink:

Very nice! That was very pleasing to hear, you have everything sitting beautifully man. I’m jealous of whatever you are using to record your vocals and guitar, they sound crisp and clear. The reverb and delays compliment each other very nicely too and I love how you brought the orchestrated part out.
I really like how you started very intimately (just with the piano as the main element) and progressively made the track bigger and bigger sending the piano into the background.

Well done!

Killer writing and production, low end is perfect!

Great song. I like the vocals.

Wow, thank you guys for all your positive comments.

For vocals I used this chain: Line Audio SM6i mic - Elysia Xpressor - RME M32 converter - Cubase 7. :slight_smile:
For acoustic guitars i used this:

Very nice! Wish a could get my hands on one of those RME converters, but they are way out of my price range lol. Right now I’m using my interface’s pre’s, which is terribly noticeable :frowning:

Simply beautiful, reminds me a little of David Bowie. Great stuff ! Michael.

Great song…great production…great arrangement…I reckon I’ll just give up and sell all my gear…Kevin

I can only echo everything said above really. I can totally see it on the end of a movie, very good job on the composition, recording and mixing. The production is extremely well-refined and very crisp and crystal clear. Do you do the mastering yourself?

The only one minor criticism that I actually have is that the french horns are too far to the left. They sound like they are on the 1st violins when they should be more behind the 2nd violins.