Music Frame Selectors

Is there a way make the Music Frame Selectors disappear? They were getting in the way in positioning some small musical examples in footnotes. Now suddenly and mysteriously one frame has lost it selectors. I would like to do the same to the other frames, but don’t know how I did it. Example follows:
Music Frame Selectors.png

Whether or not the drop downs are visible is based on the width of the frame. Here’s a recent thread:

I doubt this is something that can be switched on or off. You might try switching to a different category in Engrave mode so the frame controls are minimized.

Dan is quite right that you cannot switch those menus on or off. I know you’re a very mouse-heavy user, John, but one option would be to click on the border of the frame and use Ctrl+Alt+arrows to nudge the frame into position.

Aha! That explains it! That frame has exceeded the lower limit. Thanks, dankreider.

But don’t I have to be in “Frames” category if I want to reposition the frames? I would love to be in the Graphic Editing category, but then none of the frames are selectable. I can move the staves in the “Staff Spacing” category but not the Text Frames that are coordinated with them. I wind up jumping back and forth between several modes. And all of this is made even more difficult because I can’t find a grid or guide line option.

What makes it bearable is the beauty of being able to insert these examples without resorting to a page layout program.

Despite the presence of those menus, it should be possible to move the frames well enough while they’re there: you can grab any part of the outline of the frame and drag it or, as I suggested, use Alt+arrows (with Ctrl for larger steps). We do plan to add rulers and alignment tools etc. to Engrave mode in the future, of course.

Hi, Daniel. Yes, I have been using the arrow keys, and caught on to the tricks of moving the frames, but those top menus obscure one’s view, especially when there are many examples close to each other. A solution just occurred to me in writing this. I will expand the music frames far beyond the area concerned to get the menus out of the way and give an unimpeded view. That is good news about alignment tools, which I thought would be on the way.