Music frames (same flow) in one page

Maybe too tired…

I cannot understand how to fit all the frames (music and text) of the attached example on the same page.

Thanks for any help (616 KB)

Are you trying to cut and paste the small music frame from page 2 onto page 1? I’m afraid that operation is not yet possible: you’ll have to create a new music frame on page 1 instead, which will leave the music frame on page 2 empty. Page 2 will hang around, though, because it has an overridden layout: you can select it and click Remove Overrides in the Pages section of the right-hand panel in Engrave mode, which will remove the overrides and then, because all of the music fits on one page, remove the second page.

Thank you Daniel,

Just to be sure if I’m catching the paradigm of Dorico…

I have to set up a method for violin; the variables are the violin staff, which sometimes alternates the staff size, and the text frames to insert among the exercises and explanations.
In short, I create a unique flow (the violin staff) and, when I have to insert a text frame, after that I create a new music frame to be relinked to the master one.
It doesn’t seem to me to have to create a new flow for very new exercise/fragment.

Could it be correct or am I facing problem?

Thanks again (616 KB)

You don’t have to create a new flow, but you can. You can either insert frame breaks in a single flow, which will cause the next bar to appear in the next frame in that frame chain, wherever it is, or you could have lots of short flows, and assign each one to an individual music frame. There’s lots of flexibility in the way Dorico allows you to set things up.