Music frames with different flows side by side on a page

Hi, I would like to make a work sheet with two frames side by side in four rows, totally eight on each page. I have tried to make a custom page template with music frames in prefered size and then I assigned each frame to a flow that I had created. The result was that the frames on the right hand side show the same title (in the text frames that I put there) as the frames on the left hand side. Is there a way to fix that? Or isn’t it possible to have different flows side by side?

Stefan Ekman

Hi @Stefan_Ekman – unfortunately this is a known limitation, the automatic flow heading function looks at the closest flow below the position of the flow heading on the page, but can’t differentiate horizontal distance.

You could instead override the tokens locally so they refer to specific, numbered flows? e.g. flow2title (with the curly brackets and @ signs)

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Hi! Thanks for your quick answer. I will try that. Right now I’m trying a work around, using the same flow to the right as to the left and a frame break after the one measure I want to show in the frame to the left.
Many thanks!

Hi! I thought I’d share my work around solution to the problems that I described. I got what I needed by making 3 flows on each page and divided each flow in 2 frames per page, that’s 6 frames, and made a frame brake so that I got one bar with a chord in each frame. The frames were made on a new master page, so it’s easy to just add additional bars and they’ll show up in the frames a I want them to. When I listen in playback I get the flows as they are ordered but that’s ok.
Anyway, it’s great.