Music/Gaming laptop SSD drives

I’m thinking about buying a laptop that could use my external usb sound card to connect a keyboard to use VST instuments and the one I’m planning to buy has 128 gb of Solid State where windows will be installed on…

The thing is by the past I’ve had problems loading the vst sounds as they took an eternity, and I wanted to ask if it would cause any problem if Cubase 7 is installed on the 2 TB normal hard drive and windows 8.1 on the small SSD drive.

Any help would be appreciated,


The OS and your programs should be installed as much as possible on the SSD-drive.
Soundbanks are too big to be on that type of SSD or it will become so very quickly.
Yes, it will make a big difference, and no it won’t take an eternity anymore.
Important is though that your 2TB harddrive (not the ssd) must be as fast as possible too.
Take 7.200 RPM as a minimum for decent performance.

Overall performance of a system is always determined by its weakest point.
e.g.: take a laptop with a ssd and a very slow second harddrive, installed as mentioned above.
Your program will boot very quickly, but switching the sounds (wich must be loaded from the other drive) can take some time.
So, two fast normale harddrives can sometimes be a better choice then one fast ssd and a slow second harddrive.

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