[Music] Ghosts of a Dream

Here’s the link:


This represents my original mix without the UA A800 Studer plug-in - seems less harsh. Any criticism would be quite welcome.

really nice cinematic piece with great prog touches, mix is huge
enjoyed that!!

Thank you for the kind words - for what it’s worth, this song was my somewhat overambitious and potentially overzealous attempt to rewrite musical history - what would early Genesis (primarily from the 4 piece era of “A Trick of the Tail” and “Wind and Wuthering”) have sounded like in a modern musical context, bringing in some of the old and marrying it to some of the new, as if Abacab and what followed never happened.

This song is the end of result of a musical era for me of similarly stylized attempts of revisionism, and since then I have moved on to more modern forms, but I’ll never be able to lose my prog roots, nor do I really wish to.

Thanks for your further explanation, Paul.

I think it’s sometimes very important for someone to step in where others should NOT have left off.

IMO there’s a lot of crucial musical research which got left undeveloped as authors were pulled by the nose on the end of the rope of commercial/popularity rather than creative progress.

In your work I identifies the respectful kind of modernization I first heard when Ray Manzerak re-designed Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Good wishes

Well this sounds good too me and I think you achieved your goals with this one.


Why thank you all very much Dave and Zenda :smiley: - interesting remark about Manzarek, I’ll have to research that.

Hi … I wondered if I’d be able to find a reference …

as usual … You tube comes up trumps. If you put the following in the Youtube search box, there’ll be direct examples:

manzarak carmina

I’ll emphasise that I was not implying that you sounded like him. you ahve your own unique style. Both of you were, however, in my opinion, bringing respectful modernity to the originals.

All the best

Hmm, just listened to it - very interesting, and I actually did hear a certain similarity in approach but not sound, as you say - I remember when that recording first came out and reading a review of it that sounded intriguing, but it never went any further. You Tube is a great resource for musical performances that would otherwise have been lost in obscurity.

I like what you have done here. Very nice changes and melodic transitions. At, and before 3:40, it feels like Pink Floyd to me. This is beautifully done. Intricately composed and full.


Yes, nicely performed and mixed.