[Music] Go F&@k Yourself - Warning Explicit Lyrics

Here are the basic tracks for a new one and I did a mockup of the mix and master in the meanwhile
Yes there are lots of bad words :slight_smile:. You’ve been warned!


Gear used:
Mixer/Control Surface: Tascam DM3200
Vocals: Shure SM7b through Focusrite ISA One
Bass: 1973 Fender Bassman 50 head through Fender 2x15 cabinet using BIg Muff box. FMR RNP Audix D6 mic. Fender Jazz Bass
Guitars: 1967 Fender Bassman head through Fender 2x12 cabinet. Shure SM7b mic FMR RNP. Gibson SG Standard. Fender Telecaster.
Drums: Roland V-Drum kit triggering Superior Drummer 2.0
Mastering: Apogee Rosetta 200 converters. Wavelab 8.03

dig it! haha you can go F your mom as well… great voice man

great mix, great little tune reminds me of a zappa ditty,the first guitar solo sounds too nice for the track and needs to be a lot more manic and played with less fingers while stood on one leg blindfolded after lots of beer .

Right, so you’re girlfriend is available, I guess! Nicely put, I’m going to play this for a few people this week! The timing is perfect, you have no idea!

I’m in a couple of new relations (oops make that one) again and I am feeling a little nervous after this song :laughing: . Really love your writing !!!

i know people who have been banned from these forums for less offensive words , in future if you have a gripe with anyone just post snips of this tune ,jobs a good en. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully no one has complained yet. Sometimes art is controversial however the context by which we use this phrase really isn’t too offensive in my opinion. We’ve all said it (probably several times a day), think it (probably several times a day) or have been told it (probably several times a day). It’s also worth noting that our most recent recordings have been commissioned so you will have to blame someone else for our sins! :smiley: Any hoot, I appreciate the great feedback. I’m going to do some minor tweaks and call this one done as we have to write 7 more songs for this project.