[Music] Grad Student Blues

Finally finished this one. I wrote this in 1990, and it was my first real “winner” as far as song writing goes. (I meant that figuratively.)

Song history and lyrics are after the jump.

Grad Student Blues

Oh yeah…for those who are curious:

Guitar: '79 Strat -> Preamp -> Kuassa VST amp sim
Bass: Fender Jazz -> Preamp -> Cubase
Organ: VB3 VSTi
Horns: Kontakt 3.5 stock instruments
Drums: Battery 3


No critiques? No comments? This song should be on the radio now? :ugeek:

Hiya Larry. This is pretty darn good. Nits? Cymbals and stuff too loud, I can’t hear the snare, especially early on. Infact, the snare could use more punch, maybe compress a bit more? Geetars are great, nice playing :sunglasses:


Thanks. The one thing that I was hoping that I could escape (drums) are the first thing you pointed out. :laughing:

You may notice some static in the beginning. That’s because I’m using the demo version of VB3 which adds that until you pay the money. (I will eventually, but he wants 49 Euros and that’s a tad too expensive in my opinion.)

Ok instead of using the VSTi directly during the mixdown process, I mixed the individual drum groups to separate tracks for EQ and leveling.

I don’t think the cymbals / hi-hat were too loud. I think that the snare was not loud enough so the relative perception was that the former were too loud. After adding EQ and bumping the snare up by 2 dBs I think you’ll be more satisfied with the overall sound.

I’ve uploaded this to Bandcamp at the same link. Please have another listen and let me know if this addressed the issue successfully.