[Music] Gravity Steps on Light

You can listen to Gravity Steps on Light here : https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/gravity-steps-on-light

I’m a musician, not a producer, so if someone is interested to do a better mastering, or give me advices, he/she is more than welcomed!
Everything is done in Cubase Artist 9.5.
Be Happy, Life is Beautiful.


I like it. You are a musician with a musical training, because the structure, the organization and the themes of the song are rather complex at first listen, but really very interesting.

The use of brass and saxophones is very original, at least that’s what my ear perceives.

Sincerely, Bravo, great composition!

Many Thanks Riebla,
It’s true that my peers keep saying that i’m doing music for “musicos” mainly, but I still think that like paintings, anyone can be enjoyed and surprised by abstract, one of these days…

Hi Stephco, I truly like this track. I will admit that from a harmonic structure point of view, it is somewhat one-dimensional, in that it stays on just a couple of chords, but it does a really great job of building up to a climax.
Loved it!

You are right, Early21.
May be I will review, based on your feedback. My mind about harmonic was about gravity vs light , but I realize now that both might be changing over time and space.
Many thanks for your kind words, i’m happy you enjoyed it.