[music] High and loud

Tracks getting finished :smiley:

High and Loud


In this track I had difficulty mixing in the vocals.
I automated the levels on a surgery level so that every vowel has equal loudness, then did a fast compressor to catch the transients, then a slow compressor set to RMS.

I think the result is great, I am really thinking of purchasing Waves vocal rider, that would really be a time saver.
The level automation was a few hours work.

Does anyone has experience with vocal rider?? (see link)

O, and then in the middle :smiley: In the previous forum I got in some online tussles where I stated that I really really HATE the sher effect. But here it is, in the cooldown part I used that effect :blush: . Made it with vari audio…

Hope you like it,

Greetz Dylan.

Hiya Dylan. The snare needs to be a lot more poweful at 00:30(ish). Needs to be thicker at least. Vocals in that part too, they’re too thin as they are now. I hate the Cher effect too, not sure ANY song needs it :laughing:

Good composition though :sunglasses:

Hi Dylan

Great work. There is a little bit of imbalance but I thought it was that great sounding bass line that is too loud. When it drops out the balances are good.

Take that with a pinch of salt though. :wink:


Sounds good Dylan, I agree the bass might be a tad loud indeed.

Don’t know about vocal rider, but the latest SOS has a Bass rider review and the only con it lists is that it doesn’t write automation, which vocal rider does. My guess is it’ll work :slight_smile:

edited for spelling. ride =/= write.

In what universe can bass be too loud?! :sunglasses:

But…I will take a look at it, also to the snare commented by Phil.
So fat snare less bass…Coming up!

Thanks for the replies!!

Hi Dylan,

I agree with the comments about the snare and the bass level, but that’s an easy fix.
Otherwise it’s a good job! :sunglasses: