[Music] Hip hop/metal song recorded and mixed in cubase 5


this is a song that I recorded and mixed for a local band in my studio with Cubase 5.

The band is a mixture of hip hop and metal. :slight_smile:



EDIT 13.4.2011: Here is short preview of a whole album:

I’m not seeing the connection to hip hop except you’re rapping. I like this ,the recording is very gooda nd its well mixed. Sounds polished. Only thing I’d say is the arrangement could be shorter . What language is this?

Thank you for your thoughts Mr M. The language is Slovenian. It’s small country from Europe. :wink:

Actually this is not me rapping. I was just recording and mixing the song. :wink:
This band has a lot of variety in their expression. It is a hip hop band, but with a lot of different influences, like metal, funk etc…


sounds good and energetic – i can picture an amazaing video for that tune. Those guys gonna do a video?

Yes, they are gonna do the video, but not for this song. Believe it or not, but their other songs are even more energetic. :wink:

Love the sound you got between the kick and the bass! Brilliantly done! Great mix!

Thanks. :slight_smile:


WOW Super sound

Good sound. Nice and fat and lots of attitude.
Cool break down section.


I think the mix came out great. Love the way the drums sound.

Nicely performed and produced. Lots of energy. Well balanced mix makes it very listenable. I’d like to hear it on something other my headphones. It’s too late here to turn up the speakers so I’ll check this out again later.

Thank you guys for all the comments. I ma glad that you like it. :wink:


Man, I CRANKED that b1tch! To my English-bred ears, that weird tongue was downright – chilling

Since you’re the mixer, the only thing I’d do is back off the vocal in the verse just ever so slightly… just imperceptibly enough to let the guitar sound a bit bigger. Then, I’d do the opposite to the bass – I think it can come up slightly. It sounds fine in the intro and the middle section, but during the verse it could be a bit more full.

Good recording!

I edited my first post and added short preview of a whole album. :wink:


I like the sound! Really crisp and clean mix. Great work engineer!

Good stuff, that drummer is excelent! Did you do any timing corrections or did he really play it this well?

Thank you guys for your opinions.

There were no timing corrections, no additional samples, just pure natural drums, recorded in one pass. :slight_smile:


I, too, cranked that b1ich.

Doug’s mixing advice … DEFINITE agreement from me. This is the kind of music I have been mainly listening to recently … Yes. Voice eneds to sit back to let those guitars be more enormous. And what Doug says with the bass too.

Best wishes
Glyn Powell