[Music] HornForHire - God Only Knows - A capella cover

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas!

Here’s my latest project.
It’s an a capella cover of God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.
It started as an experiment, then it became a challenge and then turned into an obsession!
It ended up as an homage to the incredible talent of Brian Wilson and the lyrics of Tony Asher.
There are no instruments on this recording, just voices and vocal effects.
Most of the voices were doubled, so I ended up with 49 tracks. I only used reverb, delay and EQ.

I can’t post a direct link, because of copyright laws, but when you go to my Youtube channel (HornForHire) you’ll be able to find it. :slight_smile:


Hi Wim, that was truly amazing. Your experiment/project/obsession was a great success!

Fun stuff Wim! Whimsical video a nice touch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! :smiley:

Thanks Joe!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Back at ya! :slight_smile:

Hey Wim! I remember you played us this track in your studio.
Fantastic work. it must have been a challenge.

Let’s hope this post means we’ll hear more from you in 2018.

Jet (who often prefers things just a “tad lowder”) :wink:

Wow, what a track. Huge Brian Wilson fan myself. Great stuff, Wim.


Geez, I know what it takes to produce this as do all the gang here. The credits at the end don’t do you justice. I’m not sure how many YouTube viewers would understand the effort. I think this was sincerely great. Thanks for the post, I’m inspired yet incapable.

Hey Jet!

Yeah, you were the first to hear this! :sunglasses:
There will definitely be more in 2018!


Thanks Jerry, I’m glad that a true Brian Wilson fan appreciates my effort! :smiley:


Thanks for your kind words! It sure was a mega job…