[Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

Hi everybody,

Here’s a new song, a collab with Ted Barrett (aka surfer), he provided the lyrics, and Lenny Lee (aka FastnLoose), he played the bass.

It’s called: Everybody’s Fine

256 kbps mp3: http://www.hornforhire.com/music.html , the first song on the page

128 kbps mp3: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=399612&songID=11317456

Thanks to Ted for the great lyrics (again), and for the wonderful bass playing of Lenny! :sunglasses:

I hope you like it, all comments are welcome.


[Edit - 12-29-2011] I’ve uploaded a new version with some minor EQ and level tweaks.

[Edit - 1-16-2012] New version:

  • Ride cymbal in the second and third chorus
  • Fixed some vocal issues
  • A few minor level and EQ tweaks

Man, the first half of the opening riff sounds wicked familiar. I want to say it’s the theme from a TV show, but I just can’t place it ATM.

Cool song, like the changes. Awsome playing Wim, as always. Lenny’s got some killer grooves going, also. Good job by all.

Is it me or has Ted’s lyrics taken a darker turn as of late?

I do believe the '70’s TV vibe really works for this portrait of Sesame Street in the current economy.
Gentlemen, as always it’s an honor to collaborate with you.

Here’s the poem Wim turned into a gorgeous song

Buy percs for a nickel sell 'em for a dime
If he flashes a badge say you only need nine
work hard for the clients in the delivery line
if press drives by say everybody’s fine

Yellow bird on the corner sells a feathery ass
says no to the drugs just smokes a little grass
lives in parked car can’t afford the gas
when the preacher wants some says everybody’s fine

Old man in a dumpster scares all the kids
everyone’s afraid no one knows what he did
toss in a baggie take the cash close the lid
as crying eyes peek out say everybody’s fine

Run by the market grab some milk and bread
stay alive another day by keeping your head
Small mouths at home sleep three to a bed
Child welfare lady says everybody’s fine

Great stuff chaps, great playing by all again :sunglasses:

hey greets guys. man that opening, love the chicago sound. nice smooth mix on the vox. lenny and wim make a great combo. I remember a song eons ago by ted, can’t quite remember the title, something about the dog dyin and the wife messin with the neighbour, lol, freaked me out…I was worried about him back then :laughing:
good song guys, have a rokin new years!

edit: if you ever do another cover wim, I’d love to hear you do “Make Me Smile” by Chicago.

Hi Chaps

Very 70’s and Chicago but there is nothing wrong with that.

Very good indeed by you all. :sunglasses:


as always…great job! harmonies were spot on!

Hi Nate,

I’ve had the opening riff in my head for ages, I finally got around to using them when I got Ted’s lyrics.
Let me know if you find out why it sounds familiar to you.

Thanks for the listen,

Thanks again, Ted! Always a pleasure to work with your words! :sunglasses:

Hiya Phil! Thanks! :smiley:

Hi Bob,

Chicago eh? Never thought of that myself, but I do love their work.
They have a great horn section. :sunglasses:

And yeah, Lenny plays a great groove!

Thanks for listening.

Hey Dave,

Long time no see! How are you doing?

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you like this.


Hi ferencz,

Thanks a lot, I love doing those harmonies! :sunglasses:


I’ve uploaded a new version with some minor EQ and level tweaks.

Anyone else care to comment?..

Oops, I remember listening but I see I never commented.
Nice song!
Very clear vocals, the lyrics are still very understandable despite the (nice!) harmonies. Very good balance overall, sounds great to me. only nit would be a slight lack of bass in the snare maybe?

I really like the ending as well! the low saxes combined with piano and a lead sax really sound great.

Sounds great, as usual. Love the harmonies. If I could make any comment at all, it would be that it could use a little more dynamic variation or drama. Maybe start out with a little less piano in the first verse, so you have something to build up. The drums are very uniform from beginning to end. Maybe switch to rides somewhere along the way, during the chorus. Just ideas, hope you don’t mind.

Haven’t heard any lyrics from Ted for a while. Welcome back! :smiley:
Well, this sounds nice and fresh, everybody’s sounding mighty ‘fine fine fine fine oh fine’ ! :slight_smile:
Quite a catchy chorus!

Really like the arrangement and those ‘growly’ sax parts too. :sunglasses: Nice job by Lenny also!

There’s a few nits with the vocal that stood out for me:

  • ‘badge’ sounds more like ‘batch’
  • the ‘esses’ are all but missing from “grass” - sounds like you’re singing “graa”

Wasn’t a fan of the doubling of the sax at 2:16 - or maybe just leave double for the later part of the solo at 2:26?

Anyway, all-in-all a very FINE production! :smiley:

Love it. Very smooth and well produced. Lenny’s groove fills it up nicely. I also hear a bit of Chicago here. Nice work Wim.

cheers for the new year

Thanks, I’ll check the snare.

I really like the ending as well! the low saxes combined with piano and a lead sax really sound great.

Yeah, I really love my ‘new’ baritone sax! :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking the time, Rick! :slight_smile: