[Music]HornForHire/surfer/Lenny - Everybody's Fine - NEW MIX

I put up another version:

  • Ride cymbal in the second and third chorus (good call, Early! :slight_smile: )
  • Fixed some vocal issues (thanks Ian! :sunglasses: )
  • A few minor level and EQ tweaks

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment!
Much appreciated.



As if I heard a couple of Mu Major chords… That is sick, man. :smiley:

This is a great track Wim. Really tasty. I like the “softening/decline” on the word fine leading into each chorus.
Subtle but substantial. Some soul-sounding BV oohs too, well done. The vocals all round are excellent, with close
harmonies throughout. Cool. Love the Dutch “anuddder day”… :wink:

Nice work from Mr B on the lyrics.

I’ll say Lenny sounds OK. :laughing: MIA. Narlsworthy. © Jet Crawford 2012.

Looking like a hot several few months Mr K. Nice!

I like this track, it’s catchy and has a nice hook to it.
yes fine :smiley: great job!

I think Wim is one way-underated singer.

Thanks! :smiley:

Haha, yes, you heard it right Ari! :smiley:

For those of you who don’t know the Mu Major chords: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_chord
Or: http://www.hakwright.co.uk/steelydan/mu-major.html

Thanks Jet! :slight_smile:

D@mn! Missed that one! :smiling_imp:

Haha, thanks! :smiley:

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve! :sunglasses:

Neil Young eh? I can live with that! :smiley:


You’re way too kind… :blush:
I know my limitations, but I love singing, especially those harmonies! :slight_smile:

Thanks my friend! :sunglasses:

Hi guys

Just thought I’d give this another listen. Great stuff. :sunglasses:

Thanks Dave! :sunglasses:

This has got a lovely 70’s/80’s atmosphere to it - I can’t think of anything specific, other than a bit of harmony that was beautifully reminiscent of Peaches en Regalia (is that the name?)

Lovely stuff. But to be a little bit controversial, I thought the mix was lacking in the low end - it sounded a bit too mid-range. I always feel controversial if I mention anything about a mix because I feel very poorly qualified to do so; but I’m reminded of the last Lenny Lee thing I heard, which he recorded on a portable Zoom recorder, and the bass spectrum on that recording sounded much fuller to my ears.

Great tune.


Really great track w/killer lyrics, groove and playing. Bari at end is makes me drool I used a sample on my last tune and now I know why it sucks :slight_smile: wow I am defiantly a fan Wim hope we play together one day. …Lenny, great solid pocket. I think the snare sound is good and fits in track and the high end really helps bring out the rattle, did you mic top and bottom? Hat sounds great too. How did you do the eq on snare? Love to learn the secrets

Hi Steve,

I usually roll off the bottom end of most instruments, except the kick and bass, to keep the mix clear, but maybe I overdid it this time? I’'ll have another listen.
Thanks for the listen.


Hi Kenny,

The drums are EZDrummer, I used the standard snare. I didn’t do much EQ wise, I can’t check it right now, 'cause I’m not near my DAW at the moment, but I rolled of some bottom end and I think I made a narrow cut 'round 250 Hz.
I also boosted the high end on the snare bottom mic, to bring out the rattle of the snares.
So, no real secrets… :slight_smile:

I can recommend this book by Bobby Owsinski:
It helped me a lot.

Thanks for listening and who knows, maybe we’ll do a collab in the future?.. :sunglasses:


Very cool ! :sunglasses:

Thanks Scab! :sunglasses: