[music] & [introduction]

Hey all…

Please allow me to re-introduce myself :wink:

Well, here we are in a new forum. I wanted to take the opportunity to say hi again. On cubase.net, my profile was “darrena” (first name, last initial) but since then I’ve found a new name for my music–Lights Fade Low, so I decided to go with a new forum ID too.

At my website, http://www.lightsfadelow.com you will find 14 original, freely downloadable, high-bitrate MP3/ALAC/OGG, etc. tracks (and counting…). Most are also available for streaming, but there are some hidden tracks that are only available when you download the albums in their entirety.

For more of an electronic feel, try the album Light (http://lightsfadelow.com/album/light).
For more o an acoustic feel, including live strings, try Smoke (http://lightsfadelow.com/album/smoke-ep)

Thanks for listening!

Listening to “Fly” now. Not a bad tune at all. The vocal is a touch too dry for my taste, but otherwise very well done.

Nice composition. Decent production. I’m thinking I might check some more out later. You’ve got a very good voice, and I like your style.


Listening to “Brief”, also a very nice little tune. I’m going to be downloading this EP, already signed up for it.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.

Thanks! I’m a big fan of dry, close vocals–i wanted Fly in particular to be very personal and intimate. I took my cue from Damien Rice on this one. That’s where I got the idea for violins, which permeate most of the Smoke EP. I found a stellar musician to do almost all of the live strings on Smoke EP.

Despite the “dry” nature of the vocals, there’s really a ton of processing on them. Multiple levels of compression, saturation, EQ, etc.

Brief is an exception, because the strings are set in a concert hall, so drier vocals didn’t make sense so I put more 'verb on them.

There’s more creative FX on the vocals on Light. Even though it has a more electronic bent, it shares a lot of the same style. It’s for sure not classic “electronica” – they’re all “real” songs :wink:

I like close vocals also. It wasn’t a beef, trust me. I generally only use reverb, and occasionally a small amount of compression, myself. I might also possibly pull down a bit of low midrange because my voice is so beefy.

It’s very nice work though, already downloaded the EP, and I will check out your other tunes soon.

Thank you again for sharing this, Darren.

Yea, I didn’t take it as a beef :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my voice. I EQ out a ton of bass and mid-range to keep it from being boomy. And my voice isn’t really eventhat beefy :wink: