Music is not linear

Dorico, although I abandoned Finale 2 years ago, it’s not ready for contemporary engraving. I’m helping a fellow composer who write on paper and he is sending me sections to put in the software. Dorico works fine only when you have the whole music ready, otherwise it’s a little nightmare. Unfortunately, Dorico is a mess for me at the moment, (my bad of course) and cannot re-write the piece in Finale and feel bad for not being able to work faster for this paid job and cannot explain to him that my new software cannot do certain things :slight_smile:

  1. Cannot hide selected empty staves, cut scores.
  2. Cannot create boxes, only with the pedal line trick
  3. Cannot put double stems on a single note on a single percussion (having 2 sleigh bells in one line)
  4. Flows are flawed, it’s great only for having an overall view of the work copying phrases etc. But for the final layout you need to create separate files and combine the pdfs later. A simple move of a bar creates chaos, music moves through pages, but the titles are not following the new format
  5. Ok, this is kind of niche, if you have a Greek accent on a lyric and click the syllable, Dorico changes the accent to an apostrophe.
  6. If I select Greek language the key commands in Dorico don’t work (maybe is a mac thing? ) for instance shift+B don’t work you need to go to English to see the pop-over.
  7. Sometimes even adding a tenuto Dorico moves bars and systems!
  8. It’s easy to move a bar on the system below but moving one on the system above can create chaos (having the layout locked)
  9. Sometimes the carret is stuck and you cannot hide it, you have to put a random note on an empty staff, and then hide it
  10. Engraving mode, trying to adjust height of staves, if you double click the little squares/handlers it goes back to write mode with the carret active, bug or feature!
  11. End of ranting. Dorico 6 needs an Engraving update.

I cant help you with your rant but I will say that you can turn off the return to write mode with double click in engrave mode as an option. That’s one thing, at least.

Yes, I engrave contemporary music for a colleague and I have to put up with him complaining at me why can’t Dorico do things that composers have been doing for decades, for which I have no answers. So I share some sympathy with you.

I have the imagining that once Dorico nails every last little thing in Common Era music that they may expand outwards, backwards and forwards, to plainchant and contemporary. I think we will have to wait a while.

Always get the right tools for the job - the philosophy of The Whole Earth Catalog. Dorico may not be the right tool for your use cases. Let me say that LilyPond will do everything that you are struggling with. That may not be a useful suggestion to you, but its just to let you know.

  1. Watch this to create aleatory boxes with the lines tool.

  2. You can create a kit on one line with two similar instruments that are uo and downstem. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

  3. I 'm afraid you have introduced overrides… It’s really worth taking the time to learn how to work with page templates and avoid those overrides at all cost. Then you’ll find that the titles (and everything else!) will follow the music.

  4. That is odd. I’ve been inputting lyrics in French, Russian, German, English, Italian, Czech… and so many more. And never had this problem. Could you describe your steps to input that accent so that we can help you?

7./ That would depend on how full the system already is. And there are nice tools to solve this (I’m thinking Note Spacing Change in Engrave mode).

  1. This looks like a bug to me and one I’ve never heard of. Can you provide steps to reproduce it (in order for the Team to debug it)?

Can you give an example of this? How are you “moving a bar”? The beauty of Flows is that the Flow Headings do indeed move wherever the Flow starts. I have done hundreds of pieces with multiples flows in one project.

You can always export XML to Finale, if that’s really more suitable.

If you need “rough and ready” and contemporary notations, and are not an expert user of Dorico, Finale might be the better choice.

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  1. You can do this: Cutaway scores

But I’m with you, Dorico needs to do contemporary engraving more accesible. I hope in Dorico 6 they will do.

(But there is some examples doing weird contemporary engraving things in Dorico: Ferneyhough Stress Test - #7 by eddjcaine )