Music jumping to a new section in WRITE mode

When I am wanting to delete a previous entry in Write mode and push Command Z, it does delete the entry but also jumps the music quite far into the future. Is there any way to stop this from happening. I have started using the edit button to undo an entry but it would be nice if COM Z would not jump. Not a big deal.

What should be happening is that when you undo, Dorico should select another nearby item, and bring that item into view if necessary. Is Dorico selecting another nearby item, or is that not working?

It’s sort of nearby in front of the place but requires that I go scroll to find the position where I had undone something. It would be so nice if it just stayed there. Or on the note before or after but not so far that I have to scroll.

I also wonder why when I hit the rewind button to start at the beginning of the flow the music does not go to the beginning of the flow. That would also be helpful. Maybe these are just my little quirks in the way I work.



You should at least find that when you actually start playback having hit the button to rewind to the start of the flow that it does jump back there.

Can you grab a little screen capture movie of the undo behaviour and upload it here or send it to me, so I can see exactly what you’re experiencing?

Thanks. I am beginning to believe that I am just not careful enough. I am having the experience of not having it do that. If it happens again, I will watch carefully what I was doing and do what you suggested. Also, now I am just using the command X to delete a little change. That seems faster and does not move me. I still use command Z when I need to undo the whole entry because I have inadvertantly typed over a note. I will let you know when I know.

I am getting better and better at entering music and love how easy it is to change the value of a note or to move it or stretch it. Many nice things I am discovering.

I figured out what was bothering me. Dorico would move the screen up to the part of the music that I wasn’t working on and I would sort of feel lost up in the higher parts that I was not using, if that makes sense. I keep a rather high resolution for the staves so that I can see them better.

So it’s pretty much solved for me.

I am really enjoying how easy it is to add and subtract numbers and to move notes forward and backwards. I am grateful for it all.

I wrote this on Dorico, My best piece so far. I call it Trust the Universe


(Attachment Bouncy - Flow 1.mp3 is missing)

Unfortunately your attachment didn’t make it through, Paige, but I’m really pleased to hear you’re finding Dorico a pleasant environment to work in.