[music] Just Fine


Ok I’m back with a project that is an upbeat piano rock number. I had a vocalist on go for this one but things just didn’t work out and so the song is stuck with me, lol, though I have improved a considerable bit vocally. Any and all criticism and comments welcome.

Just Fine

BTW, there are a few little niggles with the vocals still needing to be worked out and I am on that.

Thanks gents, :sunglasses:

well…your improving for sure…it’s a bit “wordy” and sounds difficult to sing because of this and you need to lay off the piano for at least a few bars during the song, one of my early failings ( one of many) was playing the same instrument all the way through a track without varying said instrument and introducing something else to create more interest.I was thankfully put right by various people on this forum…you really should try a higher key…I’m sure you could do it!!

the song has a jolly and upbeat feel and made me feel happy…so good work and keep at it mate…Kevin

I like your song, the fast lyrics and the pace is good. As Kevin said, take out some piano and introduce another instrument and I think you could bring your voice up. I would also suggest you do some background singing, this tune begs for it and I think that will sound just brilliant. Great song!

Hey gentlemen, thanks for the insight.

I have found another vocalist who is going to try to give it a go, maybe if it works out I can do some harmonies/ background singing for it. Believe me I already thought of that but I thought one of me was ENOUGH!! lol

As for the piano being a bit much, that is really my instrument, the only one I’ve been formally educated in so I normally try to keep it the focus. However I am learning guitar so who knows what we’ll see in the future.

Thanks again for the comments guys and hopefully within a week we’ll see if this vocalist works out.

well done pretty good tune ,its got a very folk kinda vibe.you are still using the watch alarm for the solo i see , id maybe try a mandolin sound or a squeeze box or something ,might be more in keeping with the rest of the feel ,i think you have done well with the vocals,although when they are solo`d at the end they sound like you have tried to bend them into shape ,anyway i personally like the lyrics and how you have made them fit rhythmically through the song ,well done.

This is kinda catchy! In a comedically melodic sort of way. The current lyrics are just awful and sound like they are written by a 5 year old with a single digit IQ.

If I were you I’d write some comedy lyrics and include this as a musical interlude in stand up routine.

My mom was bouncing her mams up and down in time to this. I liked that but had to go and cut some steel baby.

I really like this song - it has a great happy feel that I really enjoy. The vocals are a bit cluttered for my tastes, but they do add a nice melodic element and I enjoyed them. Maybe the instruments could be a bit more varied, but the selection you used worked fine. Overall a very fun tune, I think your voice goes great with it; although I agree with Kevin: you should try a higher key!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments:

The solo is actually the same guitar sound essentially but I thought I would be clever and send the signal to a guitar amp sim with only the cab loaded. The vibrato/modulation is a little less conspicuous on this one, I may need to have a look.

As far as singing higher, are you talking about in pitch or formants? Cause believe me that high part is seriously about as far as I can go, and there is a transposition toward the end. Luckily I posted over at the Home Recording forums and have a few (more experienced) vocalists gonna try to do something with this one, so just gonna wait and see if anything comes of it.