[Music] Kai Glenn - Ivory & Ivory

I’ve just released my second album, entitled “Ivory & Ivory”. It’s piano and synth heavy stuff; if that’s your kind of thing, you can listen to it on my soundcloud page, https://soundcloud.com/kaiglennmusic , and if you want to download it for FREE, it will be available from the following link for the next 7 days:



Do you mean the racial overtones inherent in the title?

Many listeners are going to read that title as a play on the great Stevie Wonder “Ebony and Ivory” and wonder if you’re going for the segragationist market.

Or is this some kind of irony I’m just not hip enough to understand.

You are right to say that it’s a play on Ebony and Ivory, but any ‘racial overtones’ you want to read into it would definitely be misguided…

Very good stuff, and great to hear from you again. I love the way the whole album is very coherent and rhythmically diverse. Personally I would work on getting a more human (less plastic in places) piano sound and maybe a more instrumentally diverse arrangement reminiscent of your first CD. It seemed like the same synth was used on every song. Still, the melodies are cool and I’m really enjoying it.

Thanks for sharing!

Well I really liked the album. Especially how the bass and drums worked together, it was pretty tight. I do agree with Bane though - it did seem like you used the same synth on almost every song (I totally recognize it… a preset in prologue if I am correct…?) And there didn’t seem to be much variation the drums either. Other than that, I really enjoyed the chord progressions and pads+piano. It had a very nice happy tone overall, thanks for posting :smiley:

PS.: OH in the future - there is a new “Made with Steinberg” board where I think stuff like this might be a bit more fitting :wink:

Thank-you guys for the kind words. They helped to get me through the day.

Some people actually said my first album was a little too varied, so the continuity in the sounds used for this album was definitely very intentional. I took track 6 (Enduring Dark) off the first album and used it as a template for the whole of the second album; so all the sounds are courtesy of Halion Sonic SE. Of course things evolved on from there; instead of just Halion’s “Bright Acoustic Piano” by itself, it’s now Bright Acoustic Piano panned left and “Hard Grand Piano” panned right, with a decent amount of reverb. I think it’s a very good sounding combination, if you hear them by themselves away from the rest of the mix. I auditioned the sounds in my free trial of The Grand SE3, but to my ears at least, nothing compared to the piano sound I’d already worked so hard to craft.

The bass now instead of just being “Bass Pedal Synth”, also has “Funky Duke Syn Bass” panned hard left and right, which really thickens the basslines up and gives them some presence on the fringes of the mix, once you get the ratio right.

The synth sound is largely “All The Lovers”; various octaves panned all over the place. And on certain songs that required something a little extra mixed in, there is some “Saw I-V” or “Hip-Hop Lead 3”; so there’s slight differences in them.

The basslines were a fairly dominant feature of the tracks already, but I have to say that a lot of credit for the way the bass and drums work together on the album go to the mastering engineer. Out of the 5 mastering previews I got back, his really stood out for that reason. I’ve no idea what exactly he did, but whatever it was just made the drums and bass sound more ‘brutal’, for want of a better word.