[music] Labs choir competition - desert

Spitfireaudio has started a composition competition. You can use a free sample from the Eric Whitacre choir to score downloadable small movies from NASA. Check the Spitfireaudio site LABS for it.
This is my contribution


Wow, missed this. Beautiful Peter.


Hi Peter, it sounds great. But what is it? You wrote a piece that you can then play through a Whitacre choir through midi? How does that work? I love Eric Whitacre, by the way.


Spitfire audio has a sample library with Eric Whitacre’s choir.
I used just one 'free’sample from the LABS series as a VSTi in cubase and recorded it.
Recently acquired two wonderful string libraries ( olafur arnalds strings an Keppler ) amazing libraries. Will post some stuff with it next weeks.

regards Peter

Damn I missed the entry time, no matter … about your work,
I liked it very much
now it’s a completely personal point of view but I think I would have added a bit more reverb effect to the choir part at least in between the chord changes like at 1:08 but then again it’s a matter of preference . all in all Excellent.

something spacey i wrote a few years ago: