[Music] Lake of Tears (orchestral version)

Hi alltogether,

after my last shot I worked some weeks on an orchestral version of the instrumental ballad “Lake of Tears”.

Last time I got some great criticism to work with - hope it’s much better now.
I changed reverb on piano (thanks Kenny for pointing me on this - I had two reverbs in the routing path which was wrong of course).
I also added more orchestral instruments to enhance the track a tiny little bit :wink:
Thanks to Jonathan for always telling us in detail what we can do better or what is wrong or missing in the track. In my current phase of using those kind of instruments this helps a lot.
As suggested I tried to create a distinct melody with violins, flutes and viola.
Still work in progress because I’m ill and don’t hear all frequencies on my ears so I cannot finish the final mix :mrgreen:

As always I am open for every kind of criticism that helps me to develop my skills.


Well I think you’ve got the main thing goin on here…a good tune!! sad and lilting…although I don’t think it develops enough and the refrain in the middle isn’t very convincing… but don’t get me wrong!
this is very good stuff and we’re working at a high bar…I just think the second half of the piece should have extended the tune somewhat, I’ll leave the production critiques to people that know better than me, but I think it sounds excellent… well done my friend.


Okay so, at like 0:33 where you begin the motif with D, then E and F it’s fine. Instead of just repeating it at 0:37 you could begin on the Bb on the repeat so that there is some melodic development. Though don’t play Bb then E for the melody if you do start on Bb over that G minor as it will just sound terrible. :stuck_out_tongue: Bb down to D, up to Bb and down to A might sound alright. Experiment a bit though. ;D It just becomes too dull beginning and ending on the same melody notes too often.

Remembering the first versions you’ve done based on the material then this version is an even bigger improvement over the last one. The variation in orchestration is better than it was.

The flute notes begin with far too harsh of an attack for what it is they are playing so try a patch that isn’t an accented patch. The horns expression is better than before. It isn’t just _____ anymore, it actually gives the impression that someone is blowing air from their lungs into the instrument because the timbre is changing, not just volume. ;D

Overall a good effort but I think it’s time to begin something new and let this piece rest and take everything you’ve learned from it. :slight_smile: I think something to try in your next piece would be to create a counter-melody on the cello or at least fragments of a motif on the cello while the melody is playing on the violins. The same principle can also be applied to all combinations of instruments/sections too so it’s a good thing to practice writing.

Hi Kevin,
hi Jonathan,

thanks for your opinion and criticism so far.
I will see if I go deeper into this peace or write something new next :slight_smile:

I’m glad that I could develop my skills a littlebit and of course I will try to get better and better with every new song.
Brass really was a problem for me (also in the songs before)… but yeah… I think I’ve got the trick with the expression now.

For the next song I have something faster and harder in mind… I think it won’t be a ballad next time :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hehe, looking forward to see what you come up with. glhf (good luck, have fun.)

Thanks… I always have fun :slight_smile: