[Music] Lockdown

This was the final chapter of a collab between a friend and I. I play all rhythm guitars and one solo section(can you find it?), he plays most leads on this. We split programming drums and playing bass.


The lead certainly is out front :sunglasses: with everything else so far in the background that “everything else” gets lost. The intro, oddly enough, doesn’t fit what follows. I like the guitar playing, but I feel this could be part of a very long song but does not stand on it’s own. Just me.

Hey Nate,

I like the composition a lot. Cool parts and some tasty guitar playing with lots of little inventive
slide ins and touches. The mix is unclear, though. The guitars are too out front, especially the cleaner
sounding one that plays the fast riffs (is that you?) :slight_smile:
I can ‘feel’ the bass back there, but it’s not at all well defined, and the snare is out front but a bit boxy sounding,
and the rest of the kit is further back in the mix.
I’d suggest mixing with just drums, bass and rhythm guitar 'til it’s well blended and fat - then bring in the leads
'til they’re clear without overpowering the rhythm tracks.


Great playing. I think there needs to be a lot more bass. I can hardly hear it.

Cheers, guys. The MP3 version of this does leave a lot to be desired. The CD sounds much better. :sunglasses:

That makes sense. MP3’s just don’t get it. There really is a huge loss in quality which I guess the “masses” are willing to accept. It’s an ugly format though. I would like to hear this as you intended. I’m sure you have heard of Bandcamp. You can post 96/24, or whatever.


Mashed – that was simply gorgeous man. I especially liked this progression (assuming you’re familiar with this kinda thing): I – ii – I – VII That RAWKED!

Again, I’ve been saying for years, Metal is by far the hardest style to mix. I agree about the bass – needs to come up. Also, as Lenny alluded to, I’m losing some rhythmic context in there, specifically the hi hat… I can barely hear it keeping time but it’s mostly buried. If that became more audible, the tune would flow rhythmically a bit better.

I also dig the one solo where the lead dig a big growling whammy bar dive – awesome

This is the kind of song where I think it helps IMMENSELY to check the mix against something similar

I also just want to say, I’ve been trying to get some friends of mine to form a “Melodic Trance Metal” band full huge synths, thundering drums, shredding solos, an soaring leads. Listening to this motivates me even more to do that

One caveat about Bandcamp: it streams at an abysmal 128kps. On the positive side, you can DL CD quality

Thanks for listening, guys.

This and the other collabs are in the can so the mix is pretty much final. One of these days I’ll put the wavs up for download.

Satch and Vai approved incendiary-guitar-playing. :sunglasses:

Thank you, Brother Nick. :sunglasses: