[MUSIC] Look at the world

Hello fellowcubasers

This project I started in November 2010. I was distracted for a few months so it took me a while.
Finally all the songs are there, and all the lyrics are written. The coming time I will re-record all vocals with different singers. I have three other vocalists but I want more! So please, please if you like this music and want to participate in any one of them dont hasitate to drop me a line.

Here you can listen: all the songs are in one file, the comments I made are the track markers with title.
In the end I will make radioedits for all of them, right now it is one big file.



Used software

All the songs are completely made in the box except for the vocals offcourse.


Korg legacy analogue edition (MS20-Monopoly-Polysix)
In two songs I use a piano and strings from a garritan library (GPO)


Toontrack superior drummer (EZX electronics)
Groove Agent with samples taken from my Triton and what I found on magazine DVD’s like Sound on Sound etc)

Additional plugins:

UAD: Cambridge EQ - Pultec -1176SE - Precision limiter
Tone2: Bifilter - filterbank3
D16: Phoscyon -Toraverb
Angular momentum: Kicklab XXL

I slammed all the songs with a preciscion limiter rightnow for broadcast.
Final mastering will be done in Wavelab.

Any comments on the mix are welcome, I am still in the fase of mixing soI can make adjustments.

This project is a gift to the soulsurfers foundation, commited to make a better world


When it’s finished all songs will be radiolike broadcasted on there website.

I truly hope I can make a difference with my music!

Greetz Dylan

Very interesting. I really like stardust, that one has much potential and really jumped out for me. The others I like to varying degrees. Overall I found the vocals on all tracks too loud and not always spot on, but as you said you’re rerecording those I suppose you already know.
Just out of curiousity, how did you get soulsurfers to publish all your tracks on their site?

The founder herself is a good friend of mine, in fact she is the vocalist on Stardust.
We are making music for 8 years now, we did all sorts of projects.
Now we are going to see if we can merge our talents.

Ultimate goal is to sell music and use the money to fund projects.
that way I can have fun and do something right for a change haha.

About the vocals, mostly is sung through a cheap STAGG sitting in front of my computer.

I am going to use a vocal booth the next time with a better mike.

Thanks for taking some time to listen Strophold.

Greetz Dylan.

EDIT: Just noticed your other topic, so ignore this!

Hey Robin :slight_smile: ,

How are u?

Yes my health is fine, I had a folluw up last month and the scan showed up empty, I am getting more confident each month.
Still doing sports to get in better shape and real working is not possible the next year.
So plenty of time doing free projects like this one.

That’s excellent news - me, a bit of health trouble, going for a bunch of cardio-tersting next week, might not be anything to do with the heart, my doc is covering the bases… I may even have West Nile Virus… we shall see.

Nice to see you’ve been busy! I have not had much time, a few things in the can just now!