[Music] Lullaby

Ok, so don’t let the title of the song fool you - it is, in fact, a lullaby. Oh wait . . .

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend asked me to write her a lullaby, because she had a hard time falling asleep. At first I cringed - I don’t write lullabies, I write epic prog/art rock masterpieces (well, that’s what I aim for at least). So I sat down at the piano and 10 minutes later this song was written from beginning to end.

Now that statement would normally be ridiculed (and more often than not, rightly so). “Bollocks” you’d say. “I’m sure it took much longer”.

Not this one. Apparently I had a lullaby hidden away somewhere just itching to pop out, and so here it is.

Now here’s the catch - I had to have a female vocal for it - I couldn’t even hope to sing it. But, alas, I don’t personally know a single female vocalist that could pull this off. And so, out comes “Voices of Passion” by Eastwest - and the long, arduous process of trying to force a sample library to do what it was never designed to do.

So it’s a bit hit or miss in that regard. But I stand by the melody and the arrangement, except for the drums - I still hold out hope that I’ll meet a vocalist that can sing this song, and when I do, I’ll rework the drums into something more appropriate, to follow the emotion of the vocals.

Alright, enough explanation, here’s the .mp3:


And the .wav file:


very pleasant and melodic style, nice sounding synths to, enjoyed it. makes me want to fire up the old prophet 600

Well melodically it’s absolutely a lullaby… but when the drums first came in - well they jolted me awake therefore having the complete opposite of the desired effect. You’d have to strip it right back and soften it for it actually have any hope of putting anyone to sleep.

That said, I do like this tune though, and the current arrangement - it’s quite dreamy, nicely produced etc, but with drums and several other elements you have featured in the arrangement - well it certainly aint gonna work as a lullaby in my opinion! :astonished: But it does work very well as an ambient, easy-listening chill-out tune.

Nice. :sunglasses:

What Ian said about the drums, I agree, but its a cool tune and I love the vocal by VOP… gotta get that into my rig some day!


Thank you for your kind responses - well, you’re right - the drums sort of take it more into power ballad territory - damn those 80’s hair bands :frowning:


Cool little piece. :sunglasses: