Music made in C7

Hi, i thought i’d share some music me and a friend made in c7. It’s practically an exploration of the feature set that later evolved into a track. We wanted to play around with as much of the new features as possible to learn more about how cubase works.
The track wont be sold anywhere or anything like that, but we had fun recording our bad singing into variaudio :laughing:
track is sort of a mix of dnb dubstep psytrance etc, no rules applied during the making.

Hope you like, and we are thinking of making a vid of us using cubase and showing why we love it’s workflow so much!
Alborosie - Police Polizia (RedBits Remix)

If anyone else has a tune or video featuring stuff made in cubase, please share here :slight_smile: i’d love to hear it!

No, don´t share it here.
Made with Cubase - Share your music made with Cubase here.
Is the correct forum for that…

Sorry about that, new here. Thanks for letting me know.

Great track guys !! Really well done !! :smiley:

Thanks man! :slight_smile: Glad you like it

Really excellent track guy’s…