[Music] Mahlers First Symphony Remix

Hey all,

I’m submitting this to the Berlin Philharmonik’s Remix comp of their recording of Mahlers First Symphony. Didnt want to do a club or noise remix, so I did this. Not quite sure how best to describe it. I’d appreciate any feedback. Also If you’re a soundclouder and you happen to like it and give it a vote on their page then you’re a champ




I REALLY enjoyed that. Nice job.

Good stuff Jim. Sounds fabulous. Did you know the whole symphony was based on Frere Jacques? :open_mouth:

I gave it a vote.

Myself would give it more low end. A pure sine on the kick drum, tuned so that it gets really big and deep.

But nice to listen to.

Greetz Dylan.

I like it!

I agree with Dylan about the low end. At some parts (closer to the end) I thought the bass didn’t fit. It’s a little too funky for the style of the song I find.

Wow, I’ve got to listen to this when I’m at my broadband connection (which is pityful 2 days a week at the mo’)!

Mahler da man! :smiling_imp:

Well, 3rd movement, anyway, Phil ol’ bean! An anyway ol’ Gustav knew it as Bruder Martin. :wink:


I’m not familiar with the piece, so I’ve nothing to compare it to, but I like it for what it is.
Well done. Love the transitions - especially where those snare rolls fade to the soft section.
then bring it back to the groove. Nice.

Thanks all. Phil, no I didnt! Upon listening I can begin to see some elements of that though :wink:

Norman Lebrecht (Mahler biographer and journalist/broadcaster) wrote about the competion here: