[Music] Malambo 6string version

Hi guys,

I was a few weeks ago in Orlando, Florida because of family matters and by serendipity I found this recording studio and paid for one hour of recording time and re-recorded a song that originally I had made for the 12 string guitar. At the time all they had was an acoustic Martin guitar so this was the only song I though was suitable that I could play with that particular guitar and just one hour of recording time. The first link gets you to Bandcamp where you can hear the actual recording and the second is a link to You Tube where you can see the studio and the guy doing the post recording mix. I thank the guys from The Music Lab for giving me permission to post the video.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice playing. There a kind of a low-mid humpy tone to it that for me was a bit distracting, but you didn’t do that anyway, did you. But it’s a lovely well-organized composition.


Yes, this is the final aiff mixed file from the recording studio. They also gave me an OMF file which supposedly I should be able to import to cubase should I want to do a mix myself however I haven’t even tried to import the file. Thanks for listening.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Lovely as always Felix :sunglasses:

Sounds nice, Felix. I enjoyed the footage inside the studio, too.
That’s an interesting decision, considering that you have a studio at home,
to pay to go in for a one hour session. I guess when the inspiration hits, you need to
capture the moment, wherever you are.

Phil : Thanks for listening.

Lenny: It wasn’t so much a matter of inspiration but one of opportunity. I was there and had the time. I actually wanted to record a song with a classical guitar but they didn’t have one. The place is next to a Guitar Center but their policy of charging 10% of the cost of the guitar to rent was too much. I always wanted to know how it would sound if I played in a treated room with real expensive mics and mixing software/hardware. Furthermore, I find it liberating to let someone else do the set up and mix and let me worry just about playing the song. However it comes at a cost and I can’t afford to do this on every song. On the other hand if I divide all the money I have spent in computers , mic , software etc. by 45$ , it translates into a lot of songs. I was wondering if what Early21 says about the"low mid humpy tone " he refers to is because the mikes where placed too close to the guitar (they were not further than a few inches away if a recall right). I know there is something called the proximity effect when you place cardioid mics to close. Anyways, thanks for listening.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Enjoyed these very much Felix! Video was interesting.
Was the mix guy doing a frequency sweep there at one point?
I know what you mean about being able to shed the producer/engineer
role and just focus on the playing.

Great piece.