[music] Miniature - desert

experiment with VST acoustic guitars

short sketch

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Enjoyed that Peter. Thanks for posting, sounded great. Lovely mix :sunglasses:

Sounds good, especially considering it’s VST. What did you use?

very very nice! Lovely piece of music. Love the piano, and that guitar sample doesn’t sound too bad either… certainly in the mix its pretty convincing. Nice job all round I say! :sunglasses:

i am experimenting with the library of Chris Hein guitars, it works with kontakt. I am not very happy with that because it is a complicated player compared to the trilian or omnisphere. Those VST 's are the standard for stability and very user friendly. But a good guitar sample is useful and practising helps! :smiley:

Miniature song too! :wink:

Nice melody Peter. I like the fretless.


very nice…well structured

Hi Peter,

Beautiful piece of music! :sunglasses:
The guitar and bass sound pretty convincing.

Great to hear another tune from you.



Very realistic, I guess I’m not necessary any more. Nice tune too. Sounds like the part in the film where Jennifer Aniston or similar realizes she likes the guy after all and resolves to get him back.

just what the doctor ordered this morning, perfect and straight to the relaxing brain stem. got my tea and it was over, so I looped a couple times. nice little ditty