[Music] Mobilis In Mobile

I 've read at least 3 times this old book talking about it.
I was a young boy, and still remember the feelings and happiness of such discovery.

Enjoy : https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/mobilis-in-mobile

Really nice track. I particularly like the more sparse beginning. The bass sounds like a real upright bass, but I’m guessing it isn’t. The feel certainly changes as percussion comes in and things get busier. I’m guessing that’s where you want it to go, and that’s fine. I like it all and it’s all well done. I just hope you do another song at some point that is a bit more subdued, along the lines of how this begins. Once again, very nice work with this.

Your music just grabs me. It’s full of dynamics, space, rhythm. It’s always frenetic, but I think that’s part of the appeal. At least for me. I really love this one.