[Music] Morning Serenity

Each and every day, you need to wake with full consciousness, before you go immerse yourself in the world around.
Well, you probably have to listen to Morning Serenity here: https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/morning-serenity

Nice work, as always from you. Thought this would be a little more ambient from the title, but it grooves!

Hi Stephco, another piece with a lot to listen to. I really like it. There are a lot of great rhythms and sounds throughout. It must have taken a lot of work to put this all together.

Hello Sir Early,
You know, i’m working actually on the last one (12th) of the Spicy Spaces album (after my first one Drowned Stories available both on SoundClound & Bandcamp ). I though about the amount of work you mentioned. I realized that each song represents like 1 month (of course … average).
In my case, I never really know how I will start and how I will finish the song. The process creation is still a mystery. Cubase is so helpful to me and probably it’s mainly because of its iterations capabilities.
It’s also true that I have time now! I stopped working to give back time to my wife & music… so I can now enjoy working until 3 in the morning :slight_smile:

Thank again for your time listening. Take care.

Hi Stephco!

It is a morning serenity for the least spicy. The spaces surrounding this feeling is of a rather agitated nature from which an undeniable musical intelligence transpires.

I like that one too.