[Music} Not a Trace

This is a song I thought I had finished a long time ago but you know how that goes. :laughing: I had a some spare time and decided to visit it again

I’m going to do a couple of minor tweaks in the morning and hopefully stick a fork in it and call it done.


Clicking on the play button just sends me to the Reverbnation homepage :confused:


Doh. I forgot I put this up here. The link is fixed, thanks guys

Gosh, yet another quality track posted here. Nice. :sunglasses: Everything sounds as it should, and I liked the song, good vocals mix and production overall I thought.

I do wonder though about those that opt to pan drums from the drummers perspective? What’s the rationale behind that? I always pan from an audience pont of view which seems to make more sense to me.

Are you related to Phil Collins? Really enjoyed that and was so busy listening to your vocals I never concentrated on the mix but sounded good to my old ears.

Thanks. I started as a drummer and that’s the way I’ve always done it so it’s never bothered me. Or maybe it’s because I’m left handed. :laughing:

LOL No… no relation to Phil. Thanks for listening