[Music ... not mine] feedback appreciated

A guy who’s shared another forum with me for quite some time compiled a short preview of 9 unfinished tracks he’s been working on. Each track is at a various stage of production. He’d like to get some feedback on the tracks before he proceeds further and is particularly interested in knowing which tracks you like the most. Also, the timeline comments feature of soundcloud is really cool for spot coments.


  1. Softer progressive house with electro baseline.
  2. Deep House
  3. Trancy anthem with brumer baseline
  4. Drum and Bass
  5. Trance plucks with heavy bass
  6. Netherworld Dubstep Remix (This one needs lots of work).
  7. Uplifting Trance breadown
  8. Electro House with Crazy organs
  9. Lethal Industry Remix

On behalf of the White Dragon, thank you.
Glyn :slight_smile:

Hi Glyn,

I like the sound of 6, 7 and 9 and wouldnt mind hearing more on those ones.
Can’t really tell you why, something about these that just grabbed my attention within the 10 seconds or so preview.