Music Notation

If anybody on here can help I would really appreciate it as I am new to Cubase.
I have a problem, Ive been used to working with Cakewalk Pro, writing my own music using sheet editor in Cakewalk, now Cubase Elements 8 was on free trail so I thought Id give it a go, my problem is that unlike Cakewalk Cubase has not a score editor/creator as in Cakewalk, I think that Cubase Elements 8 is not the right product, BUT I was blown away by the instruments reproduction in Cubase, which is far superior and I would like to stick with Cubase so…if anyone could recommend a Cubase product that would suffice I would be grateful.

If the basic music notation is not enough for you, then you should maybe consider Cubase Pro which includes a powerful professional notation section.

You can compare the products here :
The Cubase line-up

Cubase Pro has by far the most complete scoring package compared to smaller Cubase versions.
The feature comparison linked above doesn’t go into detail but this one does:

It’s for Cubase 7 but as far as I know scoring didn’t change in version 8.

Or wait for the upcoming Steinberg scoring program : Dorico