Music notes without stave and clef, etc

I am trying to put a diagram together a diagram similar to the attached, which shows relative musical note values in a hierarchical chart, but without a stave, clef, time or key signature. Is this possible to do and how do I go about it? Thanks.

One.pdf (173.1 KB)

You might be best off doing this in a drawing package, like Affinity Designer, Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

There are SMuFL glyphs for assembling beamed groups of note together.

Thanks for this info. I use Affinity Designer. Are there any tutorials on how to enter and use these glyphs? Thanks.

Even easier would likely be using this font

MusGlyphs - Notation Central

by our very own @dan_kreider , you just need to enable ligatures for your text in AD and you’re off to the races!!


Yes, I have MusGlyphs so will try that. Thanks.

So I have tried MusGlyphs which is fantastic but it doesn’t currently support beamed 32nd notes unfortunately. I have tried to find how to use the SMuFL glyphs but can’t make out to use these! If someone would be be able to enlighten me please that would be great? Thanks.

You should be able to just assemble the complete beamed group from the different glyphs. You can actually copy and paste the glyphs on the SMuFL page I linked, because they are text, not graphics!