[Music]"Oh Gwen" comments?

Hi folks,

Been working with a young rock band on a project. Have a mix here I’d appreciate any comments/suggestions on. A few more in the works that I’ll post in the next few days.




Had posted this in the Music Lounge forum earlier. Lot’s of good suggestions there. Made a number of changes and here’s the latest version…



Nice track Karl. Mixing is such a personal thing but to my old ears I would want to place the players more in the mix. By that I mean use the Stereo Enhancer to narrow the arc down on the instruments and give them their own place on stage or in this case in the mix. Perhaps another way of saying it would give each band member and instrument in its own space or segment on the 180 degree arc you have to play with.

Only a suggestion :wink:


yeh like it ,thought it was albert lee at first ,yeh like quietly says the instruments need sticking in their own places and the rhythm guitar on the left and centre on the older mix seems to have a lot of attack when it is first strummed ,i once had that problem and a compressor couldn`t sort it out to good effect ,so i actualy snipped round either side of the loud attack bit and used the volume handle to pull the volume down for each loud bit ,it took a while to do but it sounded much better than the compressor.i think the vocals are good and should be right up front . thought the electric sounded a bit like michael lee firkins , good job .

disregard what i said about the acoustic having too much attack , i first listend to it over the speakers and not my ear goggles ,it was the electic guitar which was sat directly under the acoustic guitar which confused me ,still… great song.

really fine track, like a grooved up blue grass spin. great lyrics and vocal, the mix is coming across nicely here. woah baby!! nice lead. the ending had me wanting more which I guess is a good thing.
I’d love to try this style but theres alot of talent there. cool stuff