[Music] Old town rock

Hi everybody

It has been a while since I post any music of mine on any forum. The electric guitar is not my forte but I recently added to my recoding gear the Line 6 POD HD500 X which in my mind is a bit more complicated that it needs to be. Never the less one of the preset sound inspired my to come up with this three track piece. The drum track was done with Groove Agent SE4. You will notice that drumming is not my forte either. :laughing: Here is the link:


It’s the first song on the list.


Hi Felix,

we are fellow cadres of the lost forum army… :wink:

Sounds a bit shambolic.

But points for going electric.
The devil has your soul forever now. :smiling_imp:

Hi Jet

I don’t think this one is fixable. Maybe I’ll keep the rhythm track and and have someone else do the lead and drums. Or maybe use parts of it for a another song.

I miss the fellow cadres of the lost forum. At any rate I love the word shambolic.

Thanks for listening


Yeah, drums and guitar are on two very different pages here, and the very rigid hi hat isn’t helping. If you send me the guitar track, and tell me the bpm, I could do some drums for it. Send the mp3 to:


In other news… how are you doing? I think we’re trying to tentatively organize another big LGT “out East somewhere” next summer, if we can persuade Jet to come over – we’ll keep in touch

Which reminds me – anybody seen JSW around here lately? (John from Milwaukee)

hi Doug

I’m doing fine. But between my long work hours and long commute to work Im chronically exhausted.

I will send you later the tracks.

Count me in for the LGT.

Thanks for listening