[Music] Our Demon and His Train

I have mine, you probably have one too…
We have to fight not to do he wants us to do.
Sometimes, we lose.

Our Demon and His Train by Stephco | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Enjoy!! and don’t forget to comment…

Wonderful track! To borrow from the Yardbirds “the train kept a rolling…”, and. despite the demon, it was a really nice journey. I loved it when the acoustic piano sound came in. It all built and moved along really well. I’m really enjoying what you’re doing in the “rhythm section” too. Good luck with this, and all of your music. I’m a fan!

Happy you loved it!
Thank you Swetch for your kind words. you made my day.

It sounds really cool. It evolves. It doesn’t ever seem to leave the root of A. A minor really. I just want to suggest you start exploring some harmonic changes. But I really like how this sounds.

I too liked the piano
the demon was a bit tame or have you mastered the art of self preservation anf fought it so hard that he’s become thin? anyway, I liked the tune, nice mix too

That is, actually pretty good, I see and hear the sinister vibe.