Music: Par I Hjerter or "Pair Of Hearts"

Hi there good people.
One more from Håkons upcoming cd.
This one a ballad called “pair of hearts” in English.
You can get it here:

it’s about a man that had it all (wife, kids, good life) but gambled it all away on card games.
The last line in the song is something like “the game of tears”
I actually like this song very much but enough of that.
Very few instruments in this track, have I managed to balance them properly?
I always find that the fewer instruments that I mix in a song the harder it is for me to get right :confused:
More space for each instrument also puts the pressure on one to place/mix everything “correctly”

Håkon wrote it and is singing, I am doing the rest.

Would love some input here.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Drums: superior drummer 2 avatar kit
Bass: trilogy
El piano: lounge lizard 3
Elguitar: Vox Tonelab on my Ibanez rg 560
Acoustic guitar: Håkons Seagull into my ADK mic to Tube Tech to generic eq in Cubase
Vocal: same as Ac guitar


Sounds nice and full and well balanced to me. Still – seems a tad “bright” to my ears but like I said regarding the other tune, it’s consistent with commercial mixes I compare it to, so…

Thank you so much for listening Doug.

I see what you mean about the “brightness” but what can i do.
Håkon wants it to sound like others are doing it.

I am trying my absolute best

Kim :slight_smile: