a cubase collab
Pearldivers guitars
Wim Koopman Sax
Lenny Lee Bass
Peter van de Woestijne keyboards

took me a while to mix this one
but enjoyed it
top in the list


Hi Peter,

I really like what you did with it! :sunglasses:
Great rhythm track.

Maybe the guitar should be a little louder during the melody?
Other than that it sounds great.


Lovely piece Peter. Very evocotive. Great playing by all of you as always :sunglasses:

Nice one Peter… good job by all concerned! :smiley: I thought Wim was perhaps a little quiet at the start (and similar part later) though I can tell that was a conscious choice. Some of the percussive componets also felt a little forward at times but those minor niggles aside, overall you’ve got some really nice atmosphere and cool ambient vibes going on in this one. :slight_smile:

By the way…

Lenny Lee Bass

Where’s Lenny hangin’ these days??

Nice playing by everyone. Starts out reminding me of “As Falls Wichita…”, then the drums come in (somewhat foreward in the mix, I agree with Sherz). It’s such competent stuff, makes me wonder what you’re all doing here.

Hello Peter,

This one has a real ‘up-town’ attitude to it. Really like listening to it and doubles as good ambient music. Well done by all and a great mix.


Bump… :wink:

Nice! It’s been so long since I did this - I didn’t know what to expect. :slight_smile:
Also, Wim’s sax wasn’t on it when I did the bass. Nice job, Wim - and nice piece, Peter.
This was a pleasure to play on.


A great Cubase collab! round of applause to all involved!

I like!! :smiley:

Peter, I also took the time to have a listen to some of your other songs,
you have some fine work in there!!

I lost my best friend a couple of years ago, and the song ‘miss you’ brought
back some sad emotions but also some very happy memories!

I will find the time to have a listen to some more :wink:


I neglected to comment on this song. I love it, but I cannot remember any specific comments right now. (I just woke up.) I will comment later.

One of my favourite Desert tunes. Love the way things get more rhythmic at 3:40. Only thing I’d say is that Jet’s guitar is too low in the mix.

Great stuff.


This is great , something I would play around the house. No major issues to me only could stand to hear guitar a little forward and the drums are mixed too loud;they steal focus when they come in from a balanced mix before that. Also some reverb or delay on the sax ala David Sanborn would be something I’d do. Nice one . This is the kind of song you should be able to make some money with