[music] Pink Floydish song


you can listen to the song I recorded / mixed / mastered / co-produced for band Krik.
It has Pink Floydish vibe in it. :wink:



I really like this a lot. Very well done! Great tune.

Iā€™m always amazed people manage to write sensible music in 7/8 :smiley:
Sounds really good to me, great recording and nice mix!

The organ is really cool, it fits the song perfectly.

I like it too. Sounds great.

nice job on the mix and the band can JAM!

excellent band and song, you did a great job

Great playing! band mix is perfect, love the break down at 3:20ā€¦ Really like the vocals but not sure about the verbs on them will have to listen again the music is in your face where it needs to be and feel maybe the vocal should be in same space (hope I said that right). But either way it kills, love the 7

I like everything about this band. Tell us more about them. Your recording and mixing sound wonderful to me.

Thank you guys for all your positive comments. :smiley: