Music playing just mono (one repro)

Hello, I have one more question. I have a problem, because all music I make (in cubase and after importing to mp3) is just mono (playing in one repro, second one is scratching (no sound)

When I reccord i use front instrument hole, monitor is set to mono. My audio tracks are stereo. Left panel is set to “stereo in and stereo out”. I can put one of my tracks to left and second one to right repro, but I would like to listen both tracks in both repro, where do I make mistake?

The mistake is that you record a mono signal to a steero track…

Yea but what is a solution. Is it possible to record it as a stereo when there r only mono inputs? I dont want to listen it only in left or right repro, thats weird :/.

or is it necessery when i record one instrument to record two tracks and make one left mono and one right mono

No, when recording one input (mono source) you usually have a single (mono) input bus and a mono channel setup. the mono channel is then panned centre, that is it will play equally from both speakers. Of course you can use the channel pan control to place the sound anywhere between hard left to hard right.

If by “left panel” you mean the track’s inspector area, you need the input set to mono in. You can use a mono input with either a mono or stereo audio track. If you use only one side of a stereo input (like you are doing now) you will only hear it from one side (whichever side your input is coming from).