Music plays faster/quicker than originally is when imported into Cubase le9

Using Mac book pro with MacOS Mojave.

I’m having an issue where I import the beat/music that I want to record on, into cubase Le 9, but it plays much faster than the original when I play it using a software other than cubase. I made sure that the project is set up with the same sample rate and bit rate of the beat Im importing, i.e. both are 24 and 44.1

I also tried converting the beat in cubase to 44.1 and 24 but it wouldn’t because it already is. I tried other rates but it still wouldn’t play it at the same speed of the original.

How can I get the beat to play at the correct speed that it is when I import it in Cubase LE9?

my first reaction would be the sample rate is wrong. So it seems you tried to change the sample rate in Cubase already. Are you sure your soundcard runs at the same samplerate?