[music] progressive metal ballad

EDIT: Now you can listen to (almost) finished song, with vocals.
There are still few synths missing here and there and I will probably add some more vocal harmonies later, but
this is roughly it.

Here is the link:

Progressive metal ballad called Thoughts: Silence.
This is the last song on my new conceptual album called Meditations.

This is still work in progress. Vocals and solos are not yet recorded. This is rough mix.

You can download the song here: > http://www.unspoken.si/music/thoughts.mp3

All comments appreciated.


Great track. Exceptional instrumentation and I like the way each theme moves. Smooth transitions. Everything works well here, and I hesitate to say anything, but…the drums, and I’m no expert, I’m struggling, and, oh well, I’m sure someone will offer some assistance… :slight_smile:


Nice sounds- especially bass- and nice song / feel! But bit overcompressed drums for my liking. That’s me thou’ but still. Pumps too much.


What, no solos??? I’d have done those first!!! :mrgreen:

Excellent work, waiting for the final version. :sunglasses:

Thank you guys for all your comments.

I agree, drums might be a little bit over-compressed. But because this is still work in progress, I can fix it. :wink:



Yeah I like this kind of stuff. :slight_smile: Real good. :sunglasses:

If heard stuff like this even more compressed. :slight_smile:


Very nice,

Be sure to post when vox and solos (not necessarily in that order :smiling_imp: ) are recorded


Loved the opening and endings – very beautiful. My problem at this point is that we get this nice big piano/string intro and then… we happens next is a bit sonically underwhelming in comparison. So the first then I’d do is think about the overall balance between these sections.

I know you’re still working on this, but IMO the drums simply need to come up some. For me, the compression on them is okay, it’s just the sound is kinda wimpy. Brother, I’ve been saying for years that Metal is BY FAR the hardest music to mix simply because everything needs to be big and loud and it’s tough to get the balances just right.

I look forward to hearing the finished piece, with guitar solo and big rock vocal :laughing:

(Maybe you do this, but check your mixes against similar material like Dream Theater or Opeth, etc. That always helps to enhance your sound)

Ok guys, I edited my first post and added link to my (almost) finished song, with vocals. :wink:


Thanks again for all your comments. I appreciate it.

Good work, Simon. Really enjoyable :sunglasses:


Sounding great!

At 1.00 I thought I was hearing Queensryche!! :smiley:

Great work

It’s a beauty. I’m with Nate, where’s the guitar solo?

lovely opening, excellent vocal work. diggin the heavy cut time with the guitar, synth arp was a great add. this is a really well done track

I was thinking the same thing. I like the song. The bass sounds really good. Deep and clear. The piano work sounds nice too.

I like it, what would you call this timesignature?

Wow, thank you guys for all your comments and compliments. :slight_smile:

Well, no solo in this song. Maybe I’ll add acoustic guitar solo in the middle part between two choruses. :wink:

It starts and ends in 7/8. Middle of the song is in 4/4 but with syncopated parts.

Hi Simon

Pleased to meet you

Well done and respect from me

Best wishes
Glyn :slight_smile:

nice job…enjoyed the transitions…wondering about the ending though?

Took you long enough! (just kidding)

Great tune, a la Queensryche, Opeth, etc. I have just two mix issues:

in the intro, although the vocal IS intelligible, I think it could come up just a bit

in the louder sections, the snare is getting lost just a bit – I’d push it just a bit more, or maybe try some EQ here or there to help it peek through, or even both

Much better on the contrast between sections, drums sound pretty good

Good job!

Thanks guys for your suggestions and comments. :slight_smile: