[MUSIC] Return to Nazareth, a chamber treatment

I told my daughter this year, since she’s been harping on wanting to include her twin cousins again, that she’s going to have to organize the rehearsals and the time to actually record. I said, when she’s ready, I’ll bring my digital piano and laptop with Cubase on it to her place and we can record whatever song they choose.

Meantime, back at the Bat Cave, this song idea came to me. Having hemmed and hawed for 2 weeks, I finally recorded it today. Not quite sure yet how it sounds on any speakers other than my monitors so please provide feedback.

This is an instrumental. The piano is Alicia’s Keys. The strings and oboe are stock Kontakt 5 instruments.

Edit: I did rename the piece, and made some slight modifications to the timing. Added a few extra phrases too.

Return to Nazareth

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just listened to it, just jaimmed to it on double bass

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I need to duck the piano and strings a bit on the “chorus” so that the oboe is bit clearer. It’s just not front and center in the mix there, and it needs to be.

Plus, this is far enough away from We Three Kings that I’m tempted to name it something else. How’s “First Diaper Change” or “OMG Now What?” :laughing:

In all seriousness, this song reminds me a bit of a journey through the desert at night. I know that Nightnoise released a song on Windham Hill’s A Celtic Christmas called Flight from Egypt so that’s out as a title. Maybe…Return to Nazareth or something like that?