[Music] Rock ballad


Here is rock ballad, that I recorded, mixed and mastered for a band called WyleShade.


Cheers. :slight_smile:

Nice recording and production. I expect some might suggest adding a bit more presence to the vocal, but I wouldn’t do it – it sounds nice and natural as it is. But I think I would take just a slight smidgen of briteness off the snare so it’s not shining brighter than the vocal, but only a very slight amount. Good job, dude!

(BTW – one of the strings on the opening guitar, I think the B string, is out of tune)

Not keen on the drum compression in this, too much for a ballad. I’d A/B this with some Aerosmith (or similar) ballads and copy that.


Thanks guys for your thoughts and suggestions. :slight_smile:


i agree with twilight song…snare is just a bit brite…otherwise a good mix

Nice work! I really enjoyed that. Keep it up! :wink:

what a great vocal performance for this track, really well done man. I was waiting for the lead break, I knew it was coming, it came and I loved it.
a great rock ballad anthem for sure

Very nice, no nits apart from what philter said about the compression which I agree with.
Well done!