[Music] Rock track with 70's feel


I recorded and mixed this track for a rock band. This is actually two part song. First part has 70’s rock feel and second part is more uplifting and with some nice piano and guitar melodies.


All comments appreciated.

The mix sounds really good to me. I especially liked the song after 2:20.

Yikes, the drums sound awful. The snare is compressed too much. Good vocalist.
I like the second part of the song. Whilst fading the first song out, fade the second song in. Might sound better. Nothing wrong with what you’ve done already, just might be an interesting idea…


Overall sounds pretty good I thought, I enjoyed the “retro” vibe, I liked the vocals and various other elements in the arrangement. :sunglasses:

I too did wonder about the drums - though I wouldn’t quite go as far as Phil in saying they sound awful! :laughing: You say you recorded and mixed this for a band so does that mean the drums are live?

Thanks guys for your comments.

Drums are live (with tiny bit of triggered snare sample for color) and actually they are not compressed that much. I actually like the drums a lot and band likes them too. :slight_smile:
Snare might be a little bit too punchy for this kind of song, I agree.


Sounds particularly fine from my point of view. Love the jazz vibe. Could listen to this all night. A fine composition. And that’s what it is - a composed piece. Harmony twists and turns. Love it. This is not run of the mill. Great guitar playing. Drama, too. And fine singing. Terrific.

I’m not an expert on mixing rock / jazz stuff so other comments from Phil etc are worth thinking about…


I’m just going to echo what Dave said. Love everything about it. Where did I hear it before? Was it posted somewhere else? Or maybe I just can’t remember that I listened to it when you first put it here. Anyway, it made an impression.

Love the keyboard parts… I think it gets what you’re going for. The drums fit that time period. Sounds very Floydish…

Really nice song and recording. The only thing I’d say about the drums is that the snare is too brite for the song; I’d roll off some top to get that real 70’s warm snare.

The transition worked fine for me

I’ve said it before, but anymore I am continually impressed with the quality of tuneage posted here in the “Made with” section. It wasn’t always so

Thank you guys for all your comments and suggestions. :slight_smile:


I liked it, really like your progression. very cool vocal, cool breaks with the guitar and keys. ya! alot of thought into this.