[Music] Saturn's Moons

Well, just started a new album: Distracted Horizons
The first track, Saturn’s Moons, is a bit more peaceful than I used to deliver.
listen here:

Off course, comments more than welcomed.

Nice sounding synth textures!

Very nice work. Liked the drums a lot on this one. It still reminds me in very good way of some of the things I’ve heard from Joe Zawinul. Not a bad thing to have you music mentioned in the same breath as his. Good luck with the new works.

You are too fast. I’ll get to this. First I want to comment on your last album. Give me a day or two.

Thanks to the 3 of you. True that I pay attention to the synth texture, as well as the drums/percussions.
Always happy also to be inline with Sir Zawinul. I take it as a compliment, off course.
Take your time Early21. No one is in a hurry. As we say, The Swiss have Watches, but we got Time :slight_smile:

On another note, to challenge myself, and to open my mind, I tried to get this one mastered online (for free sure … to try…), and I have to say that I was disappointed. Basically, I got back 2 samples, but my view & perception are that they only raised gain with a limiter, probably. I was expected a kind of break through! any experience from your side ?

Hi Stephco, it’s another lovely audio collage.

I did listen to the album, and I think it’s wonderful. I think we heard most or all of the tracks here before you released it, so I’m sure I gave my input track by track.

I never tried online mastering, so I can’t make a suggestion on that.

Just keep doing what you’re doing; I’m always wowed.