[MUSIC] Shavers Only -Desert

first mix of a new tune with vst’s only

first one in the list

I absolutely love the bass. I wish I could get that bass sound. :slight_smile:

trilian bass, with the keyswitch options multisamples. Best bass VST ever ! Really worth every euro ( dollar )! :smiley:

That’s lovely Peter.

If you keep this up, it won’t be long before you’ve made every drummer, guitarist and bassist redundant! Beautiful harmonies and changes.


want to give it a try steve? :smiley:

Agree with Plectrumboy, you’re making instrumentalists obsolete! I especially like the way your drums sound on this one.

great sounding track. dig that opening. things harmonizing with each other well. cool drum programming and some nice moogish touches.
enjoyed listening

Seems too have slightly diufferent vibe to your previous stuff Peter? … a bit brighter and more uptempo, though I have to confess I haven’t actually listened to ALL your work! :confused:

Nice work though, impressive too given it’s 100% VSTi. :astonished:
Mix was sounding kinda ‘thick’ and a perhaps little on the muddy side…well, to me anyway.

Coooool! :sunglasses:

Hi Peter,

it’s a really nice energetic track. :wink:

The opening acoustic guitar sounds like a VSTi, but good on you
for trying. Feel free to slag my next B3 sim. :laughing: Coming soon! :unamused:

I like the Dicky Best-ish e-guitar lines.

I agree with Ian that this mix is muddy, most unlike all your others.
I think the bass is a bit too full, but the drums sound particularly blankety and dull.
They need more edge, especially the kick and snare.

But a great piece!


yeh the song title had me more intrigued than anything at first :smiling_imp: :laughing: i like the tune the melody is very strong it reminds me of a jan hammer or stanley clarke type piece of music.

Hiya Peter. Great stuff as always. I too found the drums a little subdued, especially the snare.
Apart from that, excellent :sunglasses:

Thanx for the feedback guys, I will give it another take.
Phil where did you get that amazing avatar! I want one like that too! ( a chewing camel!) :laughing:

I think I just did a Google for “avatars” and found a site with lots of em :sunglasses:

See if any of these work: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&safe=off&biw=1280&bih=664&gbv=2&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=animated+avatars&aq=f&aqi=g6g-m4&aql=&oq=

Hmmm: http://www.unrealaddicts.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2971&stc=1&d=1216095816


hi phil, id be careful with the unrealaddicts . com site , my norton internet security says its a bit of a dodgy site and it wants to plant stuff on your pc . i know norton can be a bit too keen ,hope i`m not been an old bore.