[Music] Sirens on Leave

Happy day/night all,
Be brave, and listen to Sirens on Leave!


As usual, any comment/suggestion more than welcomed

I really enjoyed this. Very inventive.

Thank you Eph221 for the time you spent listening.
True that i’m trying not to reproduce too much what has been done before.
and i’m happy you like it!

I like the groove groove of the piece, but especially the passage with the very modern improvisation of the piano with this tension that gradually brings us back to the groove of the beginning. Nice!

I flew over some of the others songs of your Soundcloud page and sincerely, they also seem very interesting. I will eventually take the time to listen to them.

Very good work!

Thanks again, Riebla for the kind comments.
I’m so happy about you feeling regarding the other pieces.
Enjoy and if you listen to the others, don’t hesitate to give feedbacks/suggestions… Always welcomed…

Yes, a lot of stuff happening in there but it is all planned and well-crafted.

I liked the brass/piano parts which serve as contrast to the other sounds,
and that whole middle section is very cleverly done wit the extended-note synth
parts. Very musical, and you made a lot of the internal voicings in what otherwise seems
a single chord piece.

Ironically, given your comments on my recent post, I was waiting for a break in the riddum
on this one. :laughing: I think it would add interest, given the 6+ min length. Just my opinion.

As i’m currently reviewing the whole pieces, I will take care of that!

Catchy melody I like it !

Thank you sir. Happy you liked it.

Nice work. I will say that the highs on the percussion seemed a little brash. I have music up on both soundcloud and bandcamp, and will tell you that I think the “brashness” is the way that soundcloud can sometimes make things sound. mp3’s on soundcloud vs. flacs on bandcamp. The overall track and vibe of it is good.

Thx for your listening and comments Swetch!
Didn’t know about the differences you mentioned. Good to know. I don’t have yet any bandcamp account.
Uploading in MP3 is simply lighter, that’s why i picked this format.