[music] Situation Pernicious

Something i did with some friends a while back now. The guitars will be replaced some time after christmas.
Drums are Roland TD20k with BFD2/GAO, Bass is an Ashbory minibass through a pod X3 pro, Keys are a mix of Korg trinity Plus, Roland JV1080, Crystal VSTi. Guitar is an 80’s fender tele’ again through the pod. Only other outboard used is an old Yamaha E1010 analogue delay. The trumpet is a David Monette Prana (not sure which model) through an SE RNR1.
Still a work in progress until the guitars are replaced early next year but i thought i would bung it up here anyway :wink:

Video is in 1080p too!


Can’t believe there are no replies to this. That trumpet is gorgeous. You’ve got a great tone.


You’re not kidding! :smiley:

The whole experience was quite hypnotic actually.
The video sequences - I was wondering - were they visualiations taken from some media player like WinAmp etc?
They certainly suited the music.


Hey thanks guys! :smiley:
I’ll be sure to pass on your compliments to Ashley the trumpet player… yeah i just used milk drop in winamp.

Maaannnn…that’s cool! Sorta Post Modern Ambient Funk. Very well done. Mat, I’ve gotta send you something I posted here in the lounge about 5 years ago. It’s very similar to this - even has some heavy breathing in it! :slight_smile:


Yeah? WHat were you doing when you recorded that? :mrgreen:

Yeah, hypnotic. That’s a groove and a half. I don’t think you need to change any of this.


Very nice. Trumpet makes it. Well done.

Now and then I wanted the drums nearer and bigger, but it’s not a big nit.


Hey thanks again guys! :smiley:
Yes i do think the drums could have a bit more oomph and consistency to them you’re right… i’m going to parallel compress the whole kit when the final mix is done and possibly side chain a comp over the main outs using the kick to duck the rest of the track slightly.

re: the breathing… lol… i don’t really want to give TOO much away here but the piece is about an incident i had a couple of years back where i stupidly decided to drink some guinness on top of VERY strong prescription pain killers, woke up in the middle of the night for a pee, got disorientated and fell through a first floor plate glass window landing on my head when i hit the ground lol… needless to say it was a week in hospital with amnesia and severe concussion, bruised spleen etc :laughing:
the mad piano bit represents the sound of me going through the glass… i remember as i went though it i thought…‘oooh that sounds just like a piano’! and the breathing is the only thing i could hear when i came round… pretty freaky experience really and not one i particularly want to repeat lol… and that was the inspiration for the piece… well they say write about what you know :wink:

woah! dig that wild opening, this is uber cool. really nice things happening around the downbeat, diggin it!!.
couldn’t help think of some older miles davis stuff. really cool track!!

Hey Glyn!
Just had a listen to your Gypsyking stuff… the dance for violin and darbuka is STUNNING mate! I’m still waiting for the email to download the FLAC file… I would love to hear the darbuka up in the mix with some serious bottom end on it because it has one intense groove going on there! It’s got something SERIOUSLY primal going on with it!
Sent the link to an old friend of mine who used to be a composition lecturer and she loved it too!
One of the most exciting things i’ve heard for quite a while mate! :smiley:

great song! trumpet is a bit to loud imo. drowns the rest out a tad. all in all fun to listen to around studio!